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Gender Pay Gap Reporting Statement - 5 April 2017

As a business with over 250 employees on 5 April 2017, Vital Pet Group Limited is required under UK government legislation to report calculations showing the pay gap between its male and female employees.

At Vital, we are committed to ensuring equality across the board for all our colleagues. This review has been a good opportunity to evaluate our business and identify our position when looking at gender pay. These calculations are based on the average hourly pay of male and female employees across the organisation and are based on a total workforce of 260 employees, comprising 182 male and 78 female employees as at 5 April 2017.

This uneven distribution across the company has resulted in a contrasting gender pay gap with female employees receiving 0.7% more than the male mean hourly rate but 12.3% less than the male median hourly pay. Given that in April 2017 there were a higher proportion of males than females in roles with associated bonus schemes, our bonus payments show 20.5% of women receiving bonus compared to 66.4% of men.

We are passionate about fairness, equality and inclusion. We continue to ensure that we operate fair recruitment practices that are compliant with equality and diversity legislation. Additionally, we have conducted a review of our pay levels and are confident that we have equal pay and conditions with gender neutral bonus arrangements. We continue to focus on gender equality in the workplace as we believe that a more diverse workforce will make us a better business and a great place to work.

I can confirm that the gender pay gap data contained in this report is accurate and has been prepared in accordance with the guidance published by ACAS and the Government Equalities Office.

Marie Betts, Senior HR Manager
On behalf of Vital Pet Group Limited