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About - Introduction

Vital Pet Products is a family owned business with more than 35 years’ experience of wholesaling to the Independent Specialist Pet and Aquatic Trade.

Our aim is to be your wholesaler of choice by offering excellent service, partnership and a complete solution to all your wholesale needs.

Our commitment goes further than just offering a delivery service, we deliver on everything...

Product Range

Would you like to know that you can be different to your competition?

With over 23,800 products available in our national warehouse today, you’ll know that your product range can be as unique as ours...

  • Over 23,800 products available from over 280 suppliers.
  • Complete brand / supplier product ranges are listed wherever possible.
  • We will (and can) make available to our customers all viable pet products available in the market.
Forms of Support

Our commitment to supporting your business comes in many forms....

We are pleased to provide you with the most up to date product range information in the market every four weeks!

Our Price List is available to order free of charge for all our customers either by contacting our Telesales Team or via the CD Catalogue.

Each Period, you will automatically receive our Promotional Brochure, the Changes & Bonus Book and a personalised Customer History Report.

The Customer History Report details the products you’ve purchased from us in the last 12 months to enable you to check your range and stock requirements in your store.


Nobody’s Perfect...

We know that offering a market leading product range is only as good as our stock availability. During the 24 weeks leading up to 3rd November 2017, we delivered 97.9% availability on all the products you told us that you need....

  • We invest in over £10m of stock available daily in our 6 warehouses situated nationwide.
  • Our team of full time stock ordering staff are focused on product availability, all day every day.
CD Catalogue

Market Leading CD Based Product Catalogue

For over 8 years we have produced a CD Catalogue, which has become an indispensable tool for our Specialist Pet Trade customers.

It features pictures, extended product information and pricing (tailored for your business) on our 23,800+ product range. You can also place your orders electronically straight onto our system giving you real time stock availability.

The Vital Pet Products CD Catalogue has proven to be a valuable sales tool in store. It can be used to show your customers a more extensive range of products than you can carry.

Our Team of Area Representatives will be more than happy to give you a demonstration if you are interested in joining the hundreds of retailers who already benefit from this fantastic facility!

Would you like to partner with a wholesaler who helps you maximise your buying power?

We appreciate that you require thousands of products which can be purchased from a variety of sources. Vital Pet Products pricing policy is intended to ensure that you are paying as little as possible for all or the majority of your stock (based on our analysis of equivalent market pricing).

We guarantee to pass on the best cost to you by maximising both our buying power, the efficiencies under our control and by limiting our profit aspirations.

1st Band: for our most efficient Specialist Pet Retailers achieving maximum average delivery and purchasing levels.

Minimum Spend £8,000 Per Period excluding VAT
Average Delivery Value £1,000 excluding VAT

2nd Band: for our efficient Specialist Pet Retailers achieving a higher average delivery and purchasing levels.

Minimum Spend £3,200 Per Period excluding VAT
Average Delivery Value £400 excluding VAT

3rd Band: is for our entry level Specialist Pet Retailers with the opportunity to achieve higher average delivery value and purchasing levels.

Minimum Order Value £300 including VAT

Orders below the £300 minimum order value are subject to a £25 carriage charge.

4th Band: is for our entry level for Non- Retail Specialist trading customers.

Minimum Order Value £300 including VAT

Orders below the £300 minimum order value are subject to a £25 carriage charge.

For a full business review, please ask to speak to you local Area Representative.

Vital Fleet Map

Would you like to know that your Wholesaler can deliver Next Day - Every Day throughout the UK?

Our fleet of over 100 vehicles nationally, are dedicated to delivering to you any day and as often as you would like.

Our distribution network ensures you can get access to our extensive product range on a next day delivery service to your store.

This unique infrastructure enables us to offer you the most comprehensive delivery service in the Specialist Pet Trade.

If you would like to arrange additional delivery days or you have an urgent customer product order, simply contact our Telesales Team or local Area Representative to find out how we can help.

Let us help you to take the strain...

Vital Pet Products are committed to supporting the Independent Specialist Pet Retailer by providing as much cash flow as is necessary. We have established flexible funding, which means that while nothing is ever guaranteed, the likelihood is that you can rely upon our credit support to your business in the long term.

Our credit policy means that today we are extending more credit to the Specialist Pet Trade than anyone else. We only ask that you actively keep us informed to ensure that we can support you during the good times and the bad.

Statutory Trade Debtors Values by Supplier Average Number of Days Credit Extended to Customers by Supplier

(Chart data taken from statutory accounts available as of 3rd September 2011)

Vital Promotions

400+ Products Promoted every 4 weeks!

Through the close working partnership that we have established with our suppliers, we are pleased to offer you an average of 400+ promoted products every 4 weeks.

The details of all our offers are clearly represented in our Promotion Brochure that is automatically sent to you ready for the start of each of our 4 weekly sales periods.

We also support you with seasonal promotions and offer the opportunity to pre-order both your Christmas and Easter products.

CD Catalogue Picture

We are pleased to offer all our customers the flexibility to Order Your Way.

By Phone; either call our Telesales Team to place your order at your convenience or we will be pleased to call you during the morning preceding your normal delivery day.

By Fax; If you’d like to forward your order by fax, we will make notes on your order should there be any temporary stock issues and fax this back to you for your records.

Via our market leading CD Catalogue; The electronic ordering facility includes live stock information and personalised pricing.

Recycle Image

We are able to help reduce your environmental impact by collecting your Cardboard, Plastic and used CD Catalogues on the day of your delivery. You can arrange this service by request with your Vital Pet Products delivery driver.

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